Sensitivity :The Legend’s Symbol

Sensitivity is one of the personality trait that people possess. It is the ability to respond towards the physical stimuli or to register small physical amounts or differences. It can also be defined as the Ability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment. These are all the predefined definitions that we have. What else we are desired for?
You will get to know…
Being sensitive towards things and people may lead you towards a deeper understanding of them. It gives a taste that other people cannot test. It connects you within you. We could say it as the seventh sense that we have. It is one of the best gift that life can give us. So being sensitive towards everything isn’t harmful until you have the property of elasticity to regain the real you.
Even in electronics, to build a circuit we choose or we look for the electrical components which can sense even the minor changes to make precise observations. So why don’t we choose it and accept it as our character to lead a life in a more stronger way.. To understand and love the nature unconditionally.. Get more closely to it and Stay tuned with the Self💕…
So Be Proud of You🤗…
– Bhagyashri Bhilore

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