Plant a sapling to be truly Thankful ….

One day I received a call from my friend. She said -‘Yar please send me Rs.500 urgently using Google pay if you have enough balance in account. I will return you later.’
I sent her and she was done with her work. I received a call from her again for saying -“Thank you yar !!”
I said casually -‘Are yar ab thank you bolegi kya? If you truly want to be thankful then give me a party or else plant a tree… What’s say?’
She responded positively for both and we hung up the phone call.
Later, I realise the sentence “Plant a sapling if you want to be thankful” came out of my mind so randomly. There wasn’t enough thought process behind for the same. I was truly surprised !!
I started pondering on it…Bunch of thoughts started running up like light rays…Is saying thank you to a person who contributed a lot in your life is enough?? Giving gifts to people and wishing your close ones on their special days does really make you thankful? Expressing your feelings to your love ones occasionally is enough? To be grateful to people who helped you grow is enough?
Love, hatred,fear of judgement, resentment, misunderstandings, thankfulness, etc. feelings are indispensable part of human life.
Do you think these feelings of you at one point of your life for a particular person continues till the end with the same intensity?
No!! right? It goes on like a sinusoidal wave with varying amplitude for each one of us. Because of innate nature, we do forget things. It happens and it’s natural.
So how can we be consistent with our own feelings of thankfulness for the people who contributed in our life by one way or the other?
It’s the consciousness which can make us realise. Many times we loose it due to fog generated by insecurities,needs,wants, greed etc.factors inside of our mind. We starts looking outside of very own self and feels alone. This intends us for seeking out to resources which can bring us back to the natural state.
From the above incident of phone call I realise why not to plant a tree or a sapling to be truly thankful to people after their help and for our love ones to be consistent with our feelings for them.
My mother and father both have habit of gardening they do like doing such things. Luckily, I also love gardening. After this thought, I planted up a sapling in our front yard which has blossom recently. Believe me it really relives !! While nourishing, it provides me a space to think and reflect upon my own feelings and on thoughts generated by incidences. It does soothe me. It makes me thankful again towards people and ultimately it reconnects me within. I found it’s a good way to contribute towards environment and to be thankful to the nature.
So let’s plant a sapling to be truly thankful 😊♥

-Bhagyashri Bhilore.

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