That one day….

That one day …
There is that one time always comes 
in everyone's life.
For me it was that day.
One half of me felt like drowning attempting to go down..
Other half was trying to hold on …
What was happening? 
I was just unable to interpret.
I do encounter such situations very often.
 Sometimes I feel low..very low…
That not even my own self could get me back …
           That day, Level of positivity from the angel started decreasing ..
the devil appeared from that imaginary arena ..
he hold my hand tightly… 
Discarded smile on my face 
and took me on a journey of past ..
Depth by depth all good things, beautiful moments started disappearing…
It absorbed every single fraction of energy from my body…
With those bleary eyes and body finally I reached at that graveyard ….
As soon as we reached there,
those buried wrong decisions, 
mischiefs, misleading behavior 
started appearing like phantoms.
They were threatening me ;
making me believe
 that I am the culprit!…
Sound of every single beat of my heart couldn't reach to my ear… 
At that time, some previous recordings started playing into my head -
You are just worthless, unlucky,
boring, uncool, Selfish…
Honey you are a liar,  pretender..
You are untrustworthy, unreliable!!..
You are coming back to us 
because you are all alone? 
Look at you, how irresponsible you are!!..
You are the one who performed tragedies till now !
Oh tomboy! Just look at yourself how fat you have become nowadays…
OMG! you doesn't fit into the criteria of beauty! …
Oh please ,don't please others!…
It's too late to grab opportunities which you missed deliberately….
Man you overlooked your own dreams and close ones 
just for having that one …?…
Look at those happy people out there who are doing great in their life..
And with a sharp focus achieving heights which they wished for …
My dear Lamb, 'I think you are an idiot
the world's famous foolish person who haven't done 
anything incredible yet' !
@You -How should I deal with you ?…What you want me to say?
@You -Just leave... Leave this world.. Don't wanna see you again*…
I Breathed deeply and heavily …..
Hey you! … A voice of my mother stumbled me !!
And that realm just squandered somewhere ….
Blink away tears...
Soul searching until next time⚡🌈❤💙💚 ….
~With pure love and light from Bhagyashri Bhilore 😊💕.